Muscle Men that have had a tragic past that led them down the path they are in, be it good or evil.


  • Dingo's mother was murdered by a thief, who lied to Dingo about her death and took him in under his wing as a fellow thief.
  • Hiei was abandoned by his mother and raised by bandits leading him down a villainous path. He redeemed himself to an anti-hero when he befriended Yusuke.
  • Jecht willing became the Final Aeon to stop Sin for ten years and became an unwilling villain.
  • Muggshot was bullied as a child and found happiness with gangster movies and became a ganster himself
  • Skips lost the only woman he ever loved to the evil Klorgbane. Learning that Klorgbane would return in 157, years, Skips willingly became immortal to keep avenging her death.
  • Wakka lost his little brother, Chappu, to Sin and became a Guardian to hopefully avenge his brother's death. His hatred for the Al Bhed also came because Chappu used forbidden machina.
  • Samurai Jack lost his kingdom to the evil demon sorcerer Aku and was forced to spend his remaining childhood and entire teenage years training to prepare for his battle with Aku.

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