Muscle Men that can have their muscles grow to a bodybuilder's physique or shrink to a lean muscular physique depending on various circumstances:

  1. Animation style: Because these muscle men are animated, animation styles can improve or decline in time causing a change in the physique. It can even happen while the episode or movie is still running. An example would be Hiei or anyone in the Dragon Ball franchise.
  2. Power-up\muscle growth: Some muscle men can cause their muscles to grow via special ability or serum to increase their power. An example would be Bane when he increases his muscle mass with his suppy of Venom. Another example is Toriko, when he increases his muscle mass to display his aggression and manliness.
  3. Cartoon gag: This is when a physique changes for comedic relief and is never truly set. An example is Johnny Bravo who's biceps and physique never have a set size. In some instances, his biceps don't make a bulge at all and sometimes his biceps reach past his hands when he flexes.
  4. Different Adaptions: Sometimes, a character's design is changed to a different style depending on what company does the design. For instance, a character that appeared thin and lean in a comic book may be very muscular in an animated series.
  5. Upgraded video game grapics: Due to video games evolving and improving upon graphics, characters that looked scrawny in the 8-bit or 16-bit eras may become very muscular in a more modern game. An example is Little Mac.
  6. Muscle Forms: This occurs when a character goes through a transformation rather than simple muscle growth. An example is Wilford B. Wolf when he transforms from a nerdy wolf to a hunky werewolf when the moon is out.
  7. Training: Some muscle men are actually seen working out and training causing them to get more muscular as time goes on. An example is Killua Zoldyck who starts out slender but through immense rigorous training became much more muscular as a result.

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