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Captain Sunshine is a solar powered superhero with the ability to fly and produce powerful bursts of solar light that can blind and sunburn opponents. His secret identity is Chuck Scarsdale, a wealthy television news anchor on the Action 5 News Team. Scarsdale started out as the original Captain Sunshine's sidekick Wonder Boy. The original Captain now serves as the current Captain's butler Desmond.

He seemingly took out the evil-doer Crime-o-dile by setting his crock-pit on fire, leaving the villain's henchmen, including Charlie (who wears name tags referring to himself as "Herman" ) out of a job. One incarnation of Sunshine's sidekick Wonder Boy was apparently charred to death by The Monarch. His remains were sent to his mentor sometime during The Monarch's stint in jail and before the events of Return to Spider-Skull Island.

A giant penny with the Monarch's face can be seen in Captain Sunshine's lair, and 21 mentions seeing "a giant penny roll over a guy dressed like a rainbow" in Assisted Suicide, suggesting this penny was once used by The Monarch to attack Captain Sunshine. (This is a reference to the giant penny in the Batcave).

As a result of an encounter early in The Monarch's career, in which the Captain accidentally left a ray gun's safety on, Sunshine still believes The Monarch is invulnerable. The Monarch recounted this story at Phantom Limb's party where he first seduced Dr. Girlfriend.

Captain Sunshine returned to have his revenge on The Monarch in Handsome Ransom. The Monarch (aided greatly by his wife) created a machine that would mimic his solar bursts. The monarch intended to take advantage of his nocturnal lack of powers and burn the captain with his own power, but he inadvertently charged up Sunshine's body giving him the power to defeat the Monarch and the Fluttering Horde.

People, while grateful for the good he does, are wary about letting him near children. Partly because of the inappropriately creepy relationship he has with Wonderboy, but also for his habit of either rejecting his sidekicks when they get too old, leaving them messed up psychologically, or getting them killed.

Fun Facts

  • The name Chuck Scarsdale is a cross of long time WNBC anchorman Chuck Scarborough and the town of Scarsdale, NY.
  • Captain Sunshine seems to be a parody of multiple sources; Kevin Conroy was the voice of Batman in almost every cartoon, video game, and animated movie featuring Batman for roughly 16 years. Batman is known to lurk in the darkness, as he spreads fear. the opposite to this, of course, is to be a hero in the light, such as Captain Sunshine's powers imply. similarly, Doc Hammers voice for Desmond is highly reminiscent of Alfred's voice in Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures. and, for the third reference: Batman's tenure in the 50's to 60's was very, very strongly hinting at a homosexual relationship between Batman and Robin. of course, usually the relationship was just friendly, certain panels made the two appear homosexual. the show slightly hints at this, with Desmond giving Hank the lube, telling him it'll be great in the morning, all for it to just be useful to get his Wonderboy costume on. examples like this are common in the episode, where pedophilia/ephebophilia is implied, but its just a creepy friendship.
  • The creators have stated (insisted) that Captain Sunshine is indeed NOT A PEDOPHILE OR EPHEBOPHILE. He is, however, highly emotionally scarred and traumatized.
  • The original Captain Sunshine (Desmond) is not totally dependent on the sun like the current Captain Sunshine.