Buck Tuddrussel

Buck Tuddrussel is a Time Squad officer. He serves as the head of his unit alongside the Larry 3000, his robotic partner, and Otto Osworth, an orphan the team adopted from the year 2001.


Tuddrussel is a large, muscular man with stubble. He wears the standard Time Squad uniform of a black and white suit with yellow goggles.


Tuddrussel has a very rambunctious, macho, and oftentimes juvenile personality. For a man whose job involves the stability of time, Tuddrussel has shown an ironic disinterest and ignorance to the historical events he maintains. This clashes with his partner Larry's effeminate, well-mannered ways, and the two often bicker. However, he generally has a friendly disposition to people he considers friends and strives for both protection and justice. When not time-traveling, Buck likes to indulge in eating junk food, roughhousing, shooting his phasers, and playing with Otto.

Tuddrussel has a soft spot for Otto, serving as a paternal figure for him. This includes teaching him how to ride a bicycle, fishing, camping, and playing games (although Otto is often unintentionally harmed in the process). As a game, he pretends to be a superhero with Otto, and is the Future Man to the latter's Sidekick Boy.

Buck is shown to have complex developmental issues such as inflated self-image, anger control issues, and relationship problems. His intellect seems to fluctuate depending on the situation, as he has expressed scientific and historical knowledge from time to time. According to Dr. Freud, Tuddrussel suffers from an over-active super ego, which causes him to force his will on those around him. Tuddrussel's ex-wife, Sheila Sternwell, has claimed that the man is being held back by his fragile male ego, and hasn't mentally developed since early childhood. 


What Tuddrussel may lack in brains he makes up for in brawn. He is incredibly strong and can pick up most heavy objects with little issue. In addition, he is very agile, and can run and jump wherever needed. Tuddrussel is knowledgeable about guns and weapons, and shows prowess in both using them and modifying them. Although he rejects many things he finds "foo-foo" and "prissy", Tuddrussel appears to be quite skilled at cooking and needlework.

Other media

Larry appears alongside Tuddrussel in the poster that Cartoon Network distributed at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con to commemorate the network's 20th anniversary.

Tuddrussel is featured in an episode of MAD, Once Upon a Toon, among other older Cartoon Network characters.