Title Screen With Brody!

Brody Foxx is the host and narrator of the internet series, Yo Mama. He is voiced by Brock Baker, who imitates Patrick Warburton to do Brody's voice.

As the host and narrator, Brody delivers the joke against the Mama of the joke. In the first volume he delivers additional insult to most of the Mamas. Brody tends to act like a stereotypical cool guy and as such drinks beer, is seen with tons of cute girls, does drugs, likes video games, and has some old toys like Criss-Cross Crash. His hero is Vin Diesel and has dreams of high fiving him.

Despite delivering several insults, some Mamas (usually fat) often cause Brody physical harm and some are capable of scaring the crap out of him, usually when the Mama is ugly or are so fat they become giant monsters.