Bobby the Barbarian

Also I want to point out how much I hate the fact that this kid is far more ripped than I will ever be. He is eight! ~ Projared

Bobby the Barbarian is one of the 6 main characters in the cartoon series Dungeons & Dragons. At the age of eight years old, he is the youngest member of the group and Sheila the Thief's younger brother.

He is gifted with the magic club which enhances his strength allowing him to plow through the thickest walls and create small earthquakes. He and his sister share a very strong bond that makes them both protective of each other. He also shares a strong bond with the baby unicorn, Uni.

In the episode, The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow, he fell in love with a girl who came from their world. However to keep her safe from Venger, he gives her up to send to send her home and destroy the portal afterwards. However she was clairvoyant and had a prophetic vision where Bobby returns a locket to her in the real world and they presumably become a couple.

Bobby is also very easily irritated by Eric and is most likely to tell Eric to shut up. Like the other 5, Bobby came to the realm of Dungeons and Dragons via amusement park ride.