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Robert Pataki, known better by his nickname "Big Bob". Big Bob, also known by the initial "B" by Miriam, is a fictional character on Hey Arnold!. Since Miriam was supposedly born in 1952, it is safe to assume that Bob is close to the same age, putting his age somewhere around 45-50 during the series' original run.

He owns a chain of beeper emporiums called Big Bob's Beepers, though he also may have another small business selling high-tech camping equipment ("Roughin' It"). Big Bob serves as the antagonist to Arnold and his family in several episodes. (Most notably "Parents Day")

Big Bob is indeed big; he looks like he was at one point muscular, but has let himself go and started becoming overweight. He boasts the same eyes, ears, nose, and unibrow as his daughter, Helga. He has gray hair, combed to the left side (though in the movie, he has brown hair). Most of the time, he wears a short sleeve green golf shirt with a golden crown on the left side by the chest. He wears dark brown pants and big white belts.