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Bill is the central character in the hentai comic series, Bill of the Beach.

He is a teenage bodybuilder who can woo any girl he meets, including his teacher. Bill possesses a dregree of superhuman strength; enough to effortlessly shred clothing and lift two women without any visible effort. Bill's trainer is capable of bench pressing a pull down machine, loaded with far more weight than standard as a warm up, and implied that Bill too was capable of the same feat. Bill has an inhuman amount of stamina and can recover in mere moments after sex. It's only after sex with 73 girls non-stop (roughly 36.5 hours) that his erection begins to show signs of tiring out, only for it to recover moments later.

The series is drawn by KayAyeZee of DeviantArt (link here) who has a blog that features the more adult pictures.