Fairy Tale Police Department Big Bad Wolf
The Big Bad Wolf is character from Fairy Tale Police Department. Like all of the characters in "Fairy Tale Land", where all the characters in stories live, he lives his life as told in his story, which being the Three Little Pigs. He is suppose to Huff and Puff and blow down the first 2 pigs' houses before reaching the 3rd's brick house. Oh course, as bad that is, he is just following his story and therefore isn't "illegal" for police to arrest him.

Outside of his story, the Wolf fancies himself as a "humantarian" and does volunteer work, like providing wind to a kite flying competetion. He also consider himself a chef and only wears organic/natural material for his clothes. He is actually on good terms with Johnny and Chris. Despite having a muscluar build, the Wolf's real muscle power is in his lungs, which he trains to help him huff and puff to blow down houses.

Episode 5, Little Pigs' House of Trouble

Episode 23, Ali Baba and The Faulty Thieves