The Battle Beast  (or BB for short) is a minor antagonist in Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V anime.

Full body overview of the Battle Beast.

A savage duelist who uses the Gladiator Beast archetype, he is easily one of the strongest soldiers of Academia. He was trained by Sanders who dubs him his greatest achievement. However, BB soon proved to be very dangerous and unstable. At one point he suddenly snapped and started attacking even his own allies, thus forcing Academia to keep him locked up.

He demonstrated a high degree a both speed and physical strength, even out speeding both Tsukikage (Moon Shadow in the dub) - a ninja - and Yuya's Rollerboots. The later is fairly impressive, as it was a feat that not even Isao Kachidoki (Iggy Arlo in the dub) - a well-trained martial artist and duelist - couldn't achieve, even when Yuya was getting a hang of them for the very first time. His physical strength is great enough to enable him to almost effortlessly restrain Sanders - a fully grown man who is also one the more militant members of the Academia - and nearly sealed him in a card. Sanders (who by that point resigned himself to his fate; in part due to the futility of trying to outmatch BB's strength, and in part due to the desire of finally completing BB's training as a soldier) was only spared due to Yuya intervening.

In his duel against the Lancers and their allies, Yuya realizes that the Battle Beast is using the savage madman as a facade to cover up his own trauma and insecurities that were caused by his horrific upbringing, which is not too dissimilar from Yuya who used to hide behind his goofy clown persona after his father's disappearance, as well as the subsequent bullying he suffered from. The Battle Beast was eventually defeated and forgiven by Yuya.