Arnold Schwartzengerman is a movie actor seen on Tad and Chad's film version of "Hamlet".

Arnold Schwartzengerman appears in the episode "Movie Magic" as the main role in Tad and Chad's film, Hamlet. Although the setting of the movie is meant to take place many centuries ago, Arnold is seen firing a laser gun while saying "To be or not to be... ANNIHILATED!", which is an obvious parody of the famous line of Shakespeare's "to be or not to be", causing explosions and committing other anachronisms.He also says "I'll Be Back.... with weapons" a parody of the Terminator's quote,"I'll be back" as the movie ends.

Schwartzengerman appears to be a very muscular man with a strong Austrian accent. He is similar in appearance to Jorgen Von Strangle except he is human, blond, and has fairer skin.