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Arnold is the main protagonist of the webseries Fan-Friction by Applebetty, in which reading (and making fun of) terrible internet fiction is always central to the plot somehow. He is a large, muscular man with Samoan heritage and a somewhat childlike mentality: in his eyes, everything has a simple solution, often involving brute force. He frequently exhibits superhuman strength and a general lack of self-preservation when his friends need rescuing. He was a frequent tag-team partner of Crimson Fury in their wrestling days. "Arnold Odysseus" is his pro-wrestler handle; his real name, according to his mother, is 'A'amakualenalena.

In the pre-revival episodes (E1-E4) he was prone to talking in a dramatic fashion akin to a superhero, but he has mellowed out since his early adventures and now only makes the occasional outrageous metaphor. He also used to have long hair, but has since shaved his head.

When riffing bad fanfics and creepypasta, he tends to make the most off-the-wall jokes and remarks. Truly bad stories more often induce annoyed resignation in him, rather than outright anger like most of his colleagues.