Archambault is the main antagonist of Big Top Scooby Doo and a French strongman for the Brancusi Circus.

Physical appearance

Armchambault is big and muscular, with a bald head and brown mustache.


He is proud of his strength, and constantly refers to himself in third person.


Big Top Scooby-Doo!

He conspired with Whitney Doubleday to carry out jewel robberies, using werewolf-disguised baboons, and later turned against Doubleday when the latter was caught, knocking him out with a tranquilizer dart so he could make off with the loot. At the end, he then found lots of money until Scooby-Doo came in with a lot of animals and all the baboons tackled him, but he survived and chased Shaggy Rogers and Scooby. Shaggy then hit him with four tranquilizer darts. It turned out he was jealous of the circus owner and tried to change it with Doubleday. He was then taken to jail swearing revenge.